Holy Days

external image diamond_sutra2.jpgThe Holy Book of the buddhist is The Diamond Sutra, this book is one of the
most important buddhist book. It urges readers to not be blinded by what has been told to them and believe what they think is right. The earliest copy that is still intact is dated to be made in 868 A.D. No one is really sure what year it was originally written in. The book itself was not written in India where buddhism began but actually in China, yet it is still very important to all buddhists.

Another holy book of the buddhist religeon is the Tripitaka is the oldest peice of writing with Buddhas teachings in it. It was first passed down oraly and then in the 3rd century it was made into a written copy. It was first made after the death of the Buddha when 500 of his disciples all came up with the Tripitaka.